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     Welcome to our Freelance Crew Page. If you have any questions not answered here, please feel free to call us at the office. Don't forget to read the section on what we need from you to make sure that you get paid on time.

Payroll Policies
     Bernhard Link Theatrical LLC Pays weekly and promptly utilizing a W-4 payroll system. This means that we DO take taxes out. The pay week is Monday to Sunday. We enter payroll on Tuesdays, receive the checks Wednesdays, and promptly mail them out. Generally the USPS delivers the payroll checks that Friday or Saturday. If you have not received a check by the following Monday, please enquire by calling the office. Usually, it has simply been delayed in the mail, however, if it should turn out that there was an error, the faster we know about it, the faster we can fix it.

Minimum Calls and Overtime
     BLT always give its crew members the courtesy of a four-hour minimum on all calls. Overtime or time and one half, is earned in one of three ways.
1) If you work any hours between Midnight and 8am.
2) If you work over 40 regular hours in any work week.
3) If you work over 10 regular hours on the same day, on the same call.

     For example, a 14 hour call will be paid at 10 hours regular rate and 4 hours at the OT rate. On the other hand, if you have four separate calls (all of which are 4 hour minimums) in one day, you will be paid for 16 hours at your regular rate, not 10 regular hours and 6 OT hours. (Odds are that if you're on 4 calls that they were not actually 16 hours worth of work, rather a bunch of four-hour minimums. We would not be able to bill that to our clients, and as such, since you are already most likely being paid for more hours than worked, we do not make them OT). Any exceptional circumstances in between these two scenarios are relatively infrequent and will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

     Due to the nature of our industry, calls may run long. Please anticipate this possibility and be flexible when you can.

     Breaks - Full (1) hour walk away breaks will be unpaid company wide. 1/2 hour breaks are paid straight through.

Tool and Clothing Requirements
     We request that all of our crew members arrive on-site wearing black work clothes (if not blank, then please be sure that any graphics and themes are "family friendly") and appropriate footwear. Please, NO tank tops or open-toe shoes. If you are on a show run call, we require industry standard show blacks. Please note that we may occasionally require dress blacks, if so you will be informed of this in advance.

     BLT brings a full complement of tools to every job-site, however, we request that each crew member bring their own basic set of tools appropriate to the job as listed below:

Carpenters: Gloves, Leatherman/Gerber (Multi-Tool), Utility Knife, 25' Tape Measure, Hammer, Multi-Screwdriver, Torpedo Level, Flashlight, Screw Gun (Optional).

Electricians: Gloves, Leatherman/Gerber (Multi-Tool), Utility Knife, 25' Tape Measure, C-Wrench, Dykes, Multi-Screwdriver, Torpedo Level, Flashlight.

Direct Deposit
     We happily offer Direct Deposit for all of our employees, including freelancers, free of charge. If you are interested, please turn in a completed and signed Direct Deposit form along with a Voided Check (copy or original) or a letter from your bank listing your routing and account numbers. Deposit slips are no longer acceptable for account setup. If you choose to sign up for Direct Deposit, your payroll check will be automatically deposited into the account of your choosing on Friday. You will still have a non-negotiable payroll stub (looks like a check but is for $0.00) mailed to your residence itemizing taxes taken out. We also have the ability to put a portion of your check into a savings account and the net balance into your checking. (For example, you may choose to have $25 put into a savings account, while the rest of your check goes into a checking account. We require either a Voided Check or a Bank Letter indicating your routing number and account number for each account).

MANDATORY Payroll Paperwork
     Before you can get paid, all of your crew new-hire information needs to be turned in immediately after or during your first call. If you cannot download and print out the forms to the right, please ask the Production Manager/Supervisor on your first call. They should have hard copies for you to fill out. Please be sure to attach your photocopies of the necessary documents listed on page 4 of the I-9 (Ex: Driver's License and Social Security Card).


In an effort to speed up the process, we ask you to be prepared with the following on your first day with us:

1) Completed BLT Information Worksheet
2) Completed and SIGNED W-4
3) Completed and SIGNED page 3 of the I-9
4) CLEAR copy of both your Driver's License and Social Security Card, OR a copy of your Passport. (Please refer to page 4 of the I-9 for a list of other acceptable documents.
5) Completed and SIGNED Direct Deposit Form (optional). Please do not forget your voided check or bank letter. Deposit slips are NOT acceptable.

To submit forms:
1) Give the forms to the Production Manager/Supervisor on your first call.
2) Scan and email back to BLT at crew(at)bltprod(dot)com. (symbols removed for spam prevention).
3) Fax to BLT at 201.943.4191 (please mail photocopies of documents for clarity)
4) Mail the forms to:
Bernhard Link Theatrical LLC, 815 Fairview Avenue, Unit 11, Fairview, NJ 07022

Change of Address
     If you have moved since you last worked with us, please make sure that we have your current address. If you receive a check, and any of the information on it is incorrect, please call us IMMEDIATELY so that we can correct it ASAP. Any incorrect information can result in a delay in receipt of your check as well as tax and unemployment issues. Waiting until after the end of the year and requesting a corrected W-2 is a costly request that can be avoided. As a result, we request that you PLEASE CHECK YOUR PAYSTUBS REGULARLY. We understand that many of you work for a number of production companies, and that it can be difficult to remember who you have contacted, so when in doubt, feel free to tell us two or three times. Worst case, we will let you know that we already have the correction.

We look forward to seeing you on our next call.

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